Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Blogville!

My first post and a little about me!!

When I came to bless the world with my presence, I was the last of a large litter (saved the best for last) and I was so amazed with this world that I forgot to breath so my 2legged grandmother breathed for me until I did it on my own.  No worries....I have since mastered breathing and many other things.

I started off small but made up for it...I am now 170+ lbs and have the best physique.  My 2legged momma envies my beautiful merle coat (I think if she didn't shave she would have a chance to grow one...but I have yet to explain this to her).  I am 3 1/2 years young and love to table surf, sun, play ball, BOXES and TOYS!!
My 2legged momma really loves me and I reward the love by never leaving her side (honestly I just do not think she should be left alone...ever...and so I stick close to her to prevent a disaster...she really should be more thankful.  Although on cooking day, (I have food allergies so my 2legged momma has to cook...something my 2legged brother say she didn't do for him) I do lay on the couch instead of in the kitchen.  She just does not seem happy and rants something about a Great Dane vs a Teacup Poodle...blah blah blah...so I just watch tv until she is done.
I am excited about blogging...I highjack mom's Facebook and Yahoo accounts to stay in touch with my family but am looking forward to meeting new friends through blogging.


  1. Hey there Blitz!! I'm a buddie of Higgins, and he told me you started a bloggie, so I came on over as fast as Ma's fingers could type, and am here to say 'HELLO'!! I thinks you are a very funny fellow, and yes, you do have a FABulous coat indeed! I especially loves how you lounge on the furniture ~ wish I could sit like that, it looks like funs!! BOL
    Okay, pop on over to my bloggie and say hello!

  2. WELCOME TO BLOGVILLE BLITZ. We are furends of Higgins... Mr. Mantastic Himself. We are so glad that you have come to town... we surely do have a LOT of FUN in Blogville. You will LOVE IT here. Do you chase SQUIRRELS??? The rest of us do.
    You have magnificent Merle Furs.

  3. Welcome, Blitz! You sure are handsome. I have food allergies too, and my mom cooks for me!

  4. Woof! Woof! Golden Hello to you ... visiting from Higgins blog. Welcome to dogville. We want to follow your blog but can't ... your gadget is set for google+ (we moved to WP so not sure if blogger made new changes again). I can totally relate on your allergies, I have it too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. So nice to meet you Blitz!

    I don't know if we have much in common b/c I do my best to do things on my own...I like to sleep on MY chair in the bedroom while they do whatever it is that humans do during the day.


  6. Welcome, Blitz! You are my first Great Dane blog! Can't wait to learn all about you.

  7. hi blitz! i was just over at higgy's and he said you were new to blogville so i thought i'd pop over and say hello. hello! hey, do you always sit on the sofa like that? i think that is awesome! i look forward to reading about your great dane adventures and hope you will join me on my chihuahua escapades.
    wags, bailey

  8. Hey Blitz!! Well you are one handsome dude. And I just have to tell you my MOM is crazy for you. She has a super special soft spot in her heart for Great Danes. Your cousin Higgins sent me over and I am so happy to meet you and really looking forward to getting to know you better.

  9. Hello Blitz!!!! welcome to Dog Blogville - we are buddies with HIggins and as you are about the size of one my best buddies, ever, George, we just had to come over and see you!! We LOVED your first post and the photo of you on the couch is PAWSOME!!!!

    We will be back for more reading soon!



  10. Welcome to Blogville Blitz. Pawsome pic of you on the sofa. See you next post. We have friended you. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. hi,blitz
    we are sending greetings from germany!
    you are a real cutie,we think
    looking forward for many,many stories of your live
    sammy,buddy and the foxbrothemomma

  12. Welcome to Blogland, Blitz! Cool post! Love the pics.... BTW -- I am going to follow you....no not around your living room, just in Blogland....I hope we can be great friends!