Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nothing more exciting than watching golf

Nobody loves sports like me...or my mom.  I love to play football and basketball.  I get excited watching football...I sit in the recliner and can't wait until my team scores a TD....I get shots (peanutbutter and yogurt icecubes).  So when mom turns on the tv for the repeat of the golf tourny...I was all in....I mean when she plays Wii, golf seems fun.  Well her friend was on my couch...and about 5 minutes into it...we just couldn't contain the excitement any longer.  I thought something with Eagles and Birdies and a Tiger would keep my attention...but I did not see any of those. This pic also proves what I have been trying to tell Momma along...I am just a little fellow and do not take up much room so she can share the couch and bed with me. 


  1. Blitz...You are right! I had to look twice to even see you. Plenty of room for you on the couch and bed.

  2. How do you contain your excitement?!!

  3. So exciting and we know you are just a little dog that does not take up much room. LOL! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Gosh, you are TINY aren't you????

    And I'm with you on the golf thing - I mean, honestly, birdies, albatrosses - gets me thinking it will be fun and then, wham, it's no fun at all!