Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just 5 more minutes

So yesterday was a yucky weather day... and I slept ALL day.  Was a little restless last night.  Finally went to sleep and usually wake my Mom up to let me out around 6am.  She woke up this morning and insisted I get up...could she not tell I was comfortable?
She kept saying "wake up sleepy slept all day and kept me up all night".  I kept saying "mmmmm" and "urormmorggghhhhmmmm"....which clearly means "5 more minutes please".  Finally, I decided to move...

I am awake....I am moving.  Do you think this made her happy or content....NO it did not.  "Out of the bed" was said over and over.  So finally, I got up. that we have that settled......... is sorry about quality of pics...she was just trying to move me and grabbed pics with phone.  Also, she didn't see any of my business hanging if you see it.....SORRY!


  1. BWAHH HAA Blitz! That second photo looks like you are posing for PlayPup! BWAA HAA
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. Whew, not that some serious sleepy head!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Well all we can say I we have the same problem. You can't get the staff these days. I get mine up early for my breakfast and then go back to bed and she does the same to me. Cruel peeps. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. OH BLITZ... I demand 87 more minutes Every Morning... I just refuse to move. She finally gets the idea.
    YOU look soooooo comfy... It is hard to imagine why SHE would want to disturb you. Sorry buddy !

  5. Howdy Blitz, hehe you look so cute when you sleep. Why oh why would your mum want to wake you so early? Did she have your breakfast ready? Did she bring you a nice milk drink?? Sometimes I, Rory, refuse to get up in the morning till I am quite ready. Stella on the otherhand gets up early every morning. Crazy sister I have! See ya soon. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  6. Oh, well that's just not fair Blitz!! Why would she make you move??! You looked sooooo comfy in the bed and everythings. And, BTW, how does a peep move a Great Dane when he doesn't want to be moved anyhu?!!! BOL I bets the 'limp doggie' thingy works WONDERS for you! hehehehe
    Just thinks how much engergy your gonna have tomorrow...then she'll be sorry! BOL

  7. Oh that was GREAT!! Has she not heard the saying "Let sleeping dogs lie"? Good advise right there.