Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do not trust sitters!

So I have spent the last two weeks telling my mom that she should never leave me.  I explain that if she has to be away from the house...that I should go with her.  When she comes home, I tell her all about how the sitter is not trust worthy.....that I do not feel comfortable with him.  I explain that I am a nervous wreck the whole time she is away.  So what does the sitter do....sends this pic of me to her....while he is watching me....and my mom was away.....I mean do they not have to sign a waiver or something that states no evidence will be used to discredit my arguements with my mom?  I mean....who can you trust these days?  I tried to tell her he slipped something into my treat and I am not responsible for how comfortable I look in this picture.


  1. BOL, I know exactly how you feel Cousin Blitz!! I know your sitter well...remember, he is my human brother! He is always sending these kinds of crazy pictures to my mom too and I keep telling her they are a fraud! I think we have been had though, cause my mom does not believe that he is putting something in my treats either!


  2. BLITZ... This was CLEARLY a case of PHOTOSHOP PHake stuffs...

  3. Yups, I agree Blitz, CLEARLY it is altered!! It's a SCAM! I'm on your side buddy, you need a character witness, i'm your gal!!
    Now, why in the worlds would the sitter take a pic of you 'flashing' him...I mean, a dogs gotta have SOME dignity rights??

  4. Errh Blitz we think you got busted pal. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Blitz, think the game may be up buddy - but nice try!!