Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Duck Dynasty!  That's a fact jack.....Uncle Si needs me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Blogville!

My first post and a little about me!!

When I came to bless the world with my presence, I was the last of a large litter (saved the best for last) and I was so amazed with this world that I forgot to breath so my 2legged grandmother breathed for me until I did it on my own.  No worries....I have since mastered breathing and many other things.

I started off small but made up for it...I am now 170+ lbs and have the best physique.  My 2legged momma envies my beautiful merle coat (I think if she didn't shave she would have a chance to grow one...but I have yet to explain this to her).  I am 3 1/2 years young and love to table surf, sun, play ball, BOXES and TOYS!!
My 2legged momma really loves me and I reward the love by never leaving her side (honestly I just do not think she should be left alone...ever...and so I stick close to her to prevent a disaster...she really should be more thankful.  Although on cooking day, (I have food allergies so my 2legged momma has to cook...something my 2legged brother say she didn't do for him) I do lay on the couch instead of in the kitchen.  She just does not seem happy and rants something about a Great Dane vs a Teacup Poodle...blah blah I just watch tv until she is done.
I am excited about blogging...I highjack mom's Facebook and Yahoo accounts to stay in touch with my family but am looking forward to meeting new friends through blogging.