Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I have been very demanding, misbehaving (not funny Momma)...GOOD!  The big stocking is all mine and the presents to the right are all mine!  I keep taking them to my Momma but she says they clearly state " Do Not Open Until Christmas"!  Bah Humbug is all I hear. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and pray the Lord blesses you with many happy moments that make for many happy memories.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just thought I would stick my head out to say HI

I know that you can't see me (trust me I am there!) but this is how I like to act like I am going to  sleep through the night.  It does not matter if it is 100 degrees or 20, I must have my blankey.  During the night I wiggle and worm my way under the covers with momma (she has yet to really appreciate that part).

My mom says I may not be the biggest Great Dane at 184lbs...but I am the largest ferret ever!

I just wanted to stick my head out and wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vets give BAD advice

So the dumbo, confused man who enjoys torture vet told my Mom I had gained 18lbs since my last visit (I mean who keeps up with that stuff???).  As I sat there saying, "you took my temp how? and YOU want to complain about me???", my Mom listened to why at 4 years old I should not gain that much weight from my last visit.  He advised that I DO NOT gain anymore weight, and maybe should go on a diet.
I mean look at me...I am nothing but skin and bones...I am trying to get Mom to send this pic to the old cuckooDR as proof that he needs new glasses and a new scale and proper animal doctoring etiquette.  I am convinced his education came from a mail in certificate...Mom swears he is the BEST (easy for her to say).
I mean take another look at me....I do not need to diet.  SKIN and BONES!

And did she tell him that she has not been taking me on walks and that she also gained weight...NOOOOO.  I tried to get her to express to him that I love exercise....and here is the proof....

Ok so this is what I do BEFORE I exercise...I mean you should be properly rested to get the most out of it.  I do hear the leash being rattled...so guess it is time to walk!!!  Stay healthy my friends.  And remember...YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT...so I am going to eat a little lap dog! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I was not broken so why did I get "fixed"?

So I went to the vet...and behaved perfect...walked in calm...got weighed....and then everything got a little confusing.   My mom came and got me and I did not even have the legs to get up on the couch.  So I slept here...waking up occassionally to look for what was missing. 
Then Mom thought giving me a new toy would make everything better....I mean really???

I will just sleep on it....on the floor.  Mom was worried because I never stay on the floor.  No worries, bedtime came, and I got in the bed.  It has been two days and I am back to my normal couch laying, toy slinging, sloppy kisses self.  I still look for what is missing...but am assured they are in a better place :-).

To conclude on a happy note....Want to send a special thanks to Bailey, Hazel, and Greta of The Idaho PugRanch!   I love my pin!

Friday, October 4, 2013

My mommy is back to normal! Well normal for her.....

My big brother and his wife....after the wedding ceremony.   My mom says it was a good thing I did not go....the wedding party had tutus....and I would have chased me some fairies/ballerinas all over the church!!

So things are back to normal around here...no dieting to get into a dress, no making flowers, no nothing!!  Just some good ole laying around and playing with me....and some extra toys for being a good boy!  I had my first overnight sitter....Mom says she hopes I did not scare him off, not sure what she meant but I know he slept for days after he left here!  So I am just watching the world go by and enjoying being the only child again.  

And blocking the door so my Momma can never leave again!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Miss you all....on leave!

I have been keeping watch on all of your guys and gals postings...Mom and I have really been enjoying reading them.  I will be back soon but wanted to thank you all for the "mini vacations" of reading all about the exciting things you all are up to!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Puppy Fix

My Mom's friend became a Grandma!  They are a Golden Pei (mix of Golden Retriever and Shar-Pei).  I admit...they are cute little things.  So Mom has been getting pics of these babies and picked out her favorite.  Today this picture comes and guess which one was the one she had picked out????  The one upside down and backwards!!  Of course....would not expect anything different.  She seems to go for the ones who walk to a different beat....
Have to thank Ms. Emily for sending pictures....it lets my Mom get her puppy fix from afar....and that is ok with me!
Have a great weekend everyone....and walk to your own beat.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Training for a little brother.....

So a couple of years ago, my Mom wanted to be a foster parent for a deaf great dane puppy (one of my siblings is deaf so Momma has a heart for special needs).  The foster people came to approve our home.  They said we had plenty of space, a great fenced in yard, a momma experienced with big boys and patience.  I was part of the interview process.  Well the ladies did all kinds of crazy things and then told my momma that while she had a heart for this, her child would not allow another pet to have her attention.  This broke my momma's heart....I tried to tell her I did not even know they talked to my Big Brother but that I could not believe he reacted that way! 
So she has decided to train me to be a Big Brother (I don't know why...I WAS NOT the issue the first time...it had to be her other son, who was not in the house or part of the interview process).  She consulted a K-9 pyschiatrist who told her to introduce me to a play dog and shower it with attention and let me get used to her showing attention to something else.  I mean I am not a specialist, but I think I could have told her that...and that I have no issue with siblings (as long as they do not live in the house, sit on mom's lap, sit by my mom, or anything like that).

As you can tell....I am thrilled that my mom put this on my blanket...and keeps saying..."It's a baby....easy".  So far so good!

So here I am lovingly cleaning its ears....while I try to remove its eyeballs.

I am being easy Momma...and see I did not want it to have to share MY blanket (how rude that would be)..so I am making sure I am wrapped up in it....and look I am even let it lick my ears now.

Look Mom...it wants to be an outside dog....maybe you can get Aunt Patrice to make it a doghouse.  And it can no longer see....something happened to its eyes.

So Mom wants any advice you all can provide her on how to train me.  I was not aggressive to any of the dogs they brought to test me and Mom.  I just blocked them from my Momma and I politely took toys away from them and laid on them (has anyone heard of choking hazard).  I gently removed them from the couch if my Mom was on it also.  I do not hurt them...I just nicely put them in the floor.  They have lots of other furntiture to choose from anyways.

Have a blessed weekend....and feel free to ignore the last paragraph! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


So my Mom has been neglecting me....BAD.  I mean I have had no computer time, only walking one time a day (she says its for my benefit because its so hot...riiiiiight), and she spends 30 mins a day making flowers for my brother's wedding...that I am not attending!  
So here I am, looking for a someone to love me and shower me with all their attention.  I told my Mom I was going to run away.  I had my suitcase packed (you can't tell from my mom's bad phone pic...but its a scooby doo suitcase with my blankey and water bottle).
Here are a few of my needs.....
1)A couch for naps.  One is fine with me....I like to cuddle while napping and since I am so small, there is plenty of room.  Plus I am able to hold you down should there be an earthquake.
2)A fenced yard, because I have a severe hearing problem (selective hearing...the worse case people have ever seen).  I also can not see when I close my eyes....which I do very often when I am told something is a NO-NO.  If I can not see it, then I am not responsible for any actions that happen to said object.
3)A blanket...I just like to have it for security.  I also use it to hide my toys under....then I scrunch it so I can find my toy.   So wooden floors or carpets are really at your own risk.
4)A chef....I eat alot and I have allergies.  I do not beg from the table or anything....I like my own food. 

So as I was discussing my needs with my mom and informing her of my decision....I thought:
1)  Who will keep my Mom from getting cold at night....I mean if I did not sleep on top of her she would freeze to death.
2)  Who is going to make sure my Mom gets out and walks daily...I never see her walk without me (something about I don't give her an option?????)
3)  Who will chase other dogs and cats away....this is a one dog lady (again something about no option????)
This woman would not survive without me....so it is my responsibility to stay with her...and suffer the neglect.  The sacrifices I make.
Its ok Momma....I will give you kisses and not leave you....you poor helpless being.
PS  Thanks for the toys!

Friday, June 28, 2013


Yep I am 4 years old today!   I am so excited, I get to eat treats, play with boxes that have toys on the inside, drink a shot of beer.  To be honest, I do this everyday but Mom assures me today is a special day.  So in honor of ME...I am posting a few pics of who made me the wonderful boy I am today.
I am the handsome fellow on the left...already sitting like a good boy!  You can also tell that I was a tad smaller than the butterball on the right (I was the runt and weighed half the amount of my siblings...but not the case now!).  I was the only one my daddy could not deny!

This is my beautiful momma....must be where I get my sense of style from.  I love to wear clothes...but not a hat. 
She is most most definitely where I get my personality from.  My two legged momma meet her before I was born and says my birth momma cracked her up!  So I sing "I get it from my momma" a lot. 

Off for a day of festivaties!  Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I am looking at you...

So my mom has to have 2 root canals...and you would think it was major....I mean I ALMOST got stung yesterday and she ignored the whole situation!  But while we were outside, I saw a meow squirrel (I do not know the difference between a cat and a squirrel...in my defense when I chase either...their tails get fluffy and they go up a tree). 
I am looking at you mom...I am...I will not look at the meow squirrel..I will not...
I am down and I am ignoring it...I am ignoring it...I got it...Leave it, Leave it

I am watching you Mom....I am ignoring the small furry thing walking across the drive way...my eyes are directly on you...and we are off......
I see you up there

I see you...I see you...
Ok...I will watch from inside the house...and no mom I will not look you in the eyes....

PS...this furry creature does this daily....it will come to the door and watch me through the glass....I would never hurt it....even if I could catch it....Mom is still working on the leave it and stay command

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Wanted to take the time to wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day....
And to say thank you to all the two-legged and four-legged soldiers that make sacrifices daily that allows me the freedom I have.  May we never forget.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do not trust sitters!

So I have spent the last two weeks telling my mom that she should never leave me.  I explain that if she has to be away from the house...that I should go with her.  When she comes home, I tell her all about how the sitter is not trust worthy.....that I do not feel comfortable with him.  I explain that I am a nervous wreck the whole time she is away.  So what does the sitter do....sends this pic of me to her....while he is watching me....and my mom was away.....I mean do they not have to sign a waiver or something that states no evidence will be used to discredit my arguements with my mom?  I mean....who can you trust these days?  I tried to tell her he slipped something into my treat and I am not responsible for how comfortable I look in this picture.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I can't hear you...and do not want to

It took me a bit...but I finally got these pillows against my ears.   I am not listening to you....ever again.  Toy?......

Friday, May 10, 2013

What a week!

So Mom has had to be out of the house this past week....and she brought in a new sitter (the old one put me outside and went to the store.....not sure if anyone has seen him since then...but know I haven't!).  It is Higgins' two-legged brother.  He is great!  He even texted Mom and said I was an ANGEL!  Not sure why anyone doubted that....Mom thinks he was fibbing a bit so he can have a part-time job sitting with me.  But when she returned from being out...we enjoyed the sunshine and blooming things.

Yes mom, they are pretty!  And I just love sticking my head into them...look a beetle...I am going to get it...I am I am!

Mom that thing has bees....let's go inside and enjoy the beauty from the safety of the house.   Let's go Mom.  Mom...it has BEES....I will see you inside.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Memory Lane

So I am an only child except for my big brother ...who is getting married this fall....and I LOVES my brother but really does it have to take up so much of Mom's time?  He does not live near us now (something about college grad, a job...all I know is he is not here to play with me or take me on runs) and they talk on the phone constantly anyways....but now she is researching dresses, flowers, pinterest.....I mean come on!.  So on the journey of memory lane....

Mom ran across this....my first introduction to my brother (he sure looked different than the ones I had just left...he was tall, on two legs, and I was not so sure about him).  But as he napped on the couch, I soon found out, he cuddled like my other 4 legged siblings, so I decided Mom and I could keep him.  Mom thought this so cute, that I snuck up on the couch with him.....that she did not tell me "NO".  So she blames herself for the constant need of a new couch.
Have a blessed weekend and may your memory lane bring smiles to your heart.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just 5 more minutes

So yesterday was a yucky weather day... and I slept ALL day.  Was a little restless last night.  Finally went to sleep and usually wake my Mom up to let me out around 6am.  She woke up this morning and insisted I get up...could she not tell I was comfortable?
She kept saying "wake up sleepy head...you slept all day and kept me up all night".  I kept saying "mmmmm" and "urormmorggghhhhmmmm"....which clearly means "5 more minutes please".  Finally, I decided to move...

I am awake....I am moving.  Do you think this made her happy or content....NO it did not.  "Out of the bed" was said over and over.  So finally, I got up.
Ok...now that we have that settled.........

PS...mom is sorry about quality of pics...she was just trying to move me and grabbed pics with phone.  Also, she didn't see any of my business hanging out...so if you see it.....SORRY!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mom wants to know who the stalker is......

It is hard work proving that I am right to my Mom.  We do this several times a day, and she still insists that I do not fit.

I give up and just sneak up there so she does not even begin the debate.....so much easier.

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (As wordless as I can be)

                                                          CAN I KEEP HIM????

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New "Babysitter"

So Mom likes to lay in the lounger outside without me....still don't get it.  So she got me a "babysitter".....

Why he is hanging from the tree....I do not know...but I know I got him down...and we went and laid on the lounger with Mom...together.

Monday, April 8, 2013

He said "Lucky Dog"

So its Sunday afternoon and my mom returns from church (why can't I go...no sense in testing the theory "All Dogs Go to Heaven").  Its Nascar on tv (woohoo...almost as exciting to me as golf).  Mom is cheering "Kasey Kahne" and then I hear the announcer say....lucky dog.   I am excited.....but then mom says "no Blitz".

I mean...it is in front of me...I like the way it smells...I am forced to watch/listen to Nascar...there is NO DOG anywhere near that track and Lucky Dog should mean I get a sip....what else can it mean?  Look mom...its Kasey Kahne........awwwww yeah........burp!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Self Preservation

This post is for self preservation and maintaining the current household dynamics.

Mom needs a reminder that I am a baby and most importantly...an ONLY child (except for my two- legged brother).  Seems like this time of year people send out notices to her about great dane litters and they get her to thinking that I need a companion.  HELLO...I have a companion...you!  I mean this is not rocket science!  So here I am on my first day with her ( I am 5 wks old here and have not really grown much since then but mom and the furniture have shrank in the past 3+ years).

Let's face it... I am all she needs

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cooking Day

I follow my Mom everywhere...if she is watching tv..I am there with her.  If she is on computer, my head is on her feet.  If she is in bed sleeping... I have my head on the pillow.  But on cooking day (she has to cook for me...I stay out of the kitchen!)  She is sooooo grouchy the whole 3 hours it takes her to cook.  Thats a long time for me to entertain myself.

This is the finished product.....thats my head making sure it was completed properly (she is not very domestic).   6 lbs of organic rice, 2 bags of organic chicken tenderloins, 2 16 oz steaks, 2 salmon fillets, peas, carrots, potatoes, cottage cheese, and yogurt.  I eat 2 times a day (vet recommended it because big boys get bloat...but I really chew all my food and take my time eating).  Last me a week...and then I have to suffer through her cooking again.
So I have been sitting here waiting patiently for you to entertain me....ARE YOU DONE YET? 

We are now ready for Easter and hope every one has a blessed weekend.