Friday, August 9, 2013

Puppy Fix

My Mom's friend became a Grandma!  They are a Golden Pei (mix of Golden Retriever and Shar-Pei).  I admit...they are cute little things.  So Mom has been getting pics of these babies and picked out her favorite.  Today this picture comes and guess which one was the one she had picked out????  The one upside down and backwards!!  Of course....would not expect anything different.  She seems to go for the ones who walk to a different beat....
Have to thank Ms. Emily for sending lets my Mom get her puppy fix from afar....and that is ok with me!
Have a great weekend everyone....and walk to your own beat.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Training for a little brother.....

So a couple of years ago, my Mom wanted to be a foster parent for a deaf great dane puppy (one of my siblings is deaf so Momma has a heart for special needs).  The foster people came to approve our home.  They said we had plenty of space, a great fenced in yard, a momma experienced with big boys and patience.  I was part of the interview process.  Well the ladies did all kinds of crazy things and then told my momma that while she had a heart for this, her child would not allow another pet to have her attention.  This broke my momma's heart....I tried to tell her I did not even know they talked to my Big Brother but that I could not believe he reacted that way! 
So she has decided to train me to be a Big Brother (I don't know why...I WAS NOT the issue the first had to be her other son, who was not in the house or part of the interview process).  She consulted a K-9 pyschiatrist who told her to introduce me to a play dog and shower it with attention and let me get used to her showing attention to something else.  I mean I am not a specialist, but I think I could have told her that...and that I have no issue with siblings (as long as they do not live in the house, sit on mom's lap, sit by my mom, or anything like that).

As you can tell....I am thrilled that my mom put this on my blanket...and keeps saying..."It's a baby....easy".  So far so good!

So here I am lovingly cleaning its ears....while I try to remove its eyeballs.

I am being easy Momma...and see I did not want it to have to share MY blanket (how rude that would be) I am making sure I am wrapped up in it....and look I am even let it lick my ears now.

Look wants to be an outside dog....maybe you can get Aunt Patrice to make it a doghouse.  And it can no longer see....something happened to its eyes.

So Mom wants any advice you all can provide her on how to train me.  I was not aggressive to any of the dogs they brought to test me and Mom.  I just blocked them from my Momma and I politely took toys away from them and laid on them (has anyone heard of choking hazard).  I gently removed them from the couch if my Mom was on it also.  I do not hurt them...I just nicely put them in the floor.  They have lots of other furntiture to choose from anyways.

Have a blessed weekend....and feel free to ignore the last paragraph!