Friday, June 28, 2013


Yep I am 4 years old today!   I am so excited, I get to eat treats, play with boxes that have toys on the inside, drink a shot of beer.  To be honest, I do this everyday but Mom assures me today is a special day.  So in honor of ME...I am posting a few pics of who made me the wonderful boy I am today.
I am the handsome fellow on the left...already sitting like a good boy!  You can also tell that I was a tad smaller than the butterball on the right (I was the runt and weighed half the amount of my siblings...but not the case now!).  I was the only one my daddy could not deny!

This is my beautiful momma....must be where I get my sense of style from.  I love to wear clothes...but not a hat. 
She is most most definitely where I get my personality from.  My two legged momma meet her before I was born and says my birth momma cracked her up!  So I sing "I get it from my momma" a lot. 

Off for a day of festivaties!  Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I am looking at you...

So my mom has to have 2 root canals...and you would think it was major....I mean I ALMOST got stung yesterday and she ignored the whole situation!  But while we were outside, I saw a meow squirrel (I do not know the difference between a cat and a my defense when I chase either...their tails get fluffy and they go up a tree). 
I am looking at you mom...I am...I will not look at the meow squirrel..I will not...
I am down and I am ignoring it...I am ignoring it...I got it...Leave it, Leave it

I am watching you Mom....I am ignoring the small furry thing walking across the drive eyes are directly on you...and we are off......
I see you up there

I see you...I see you...
Ok...I will watch from inside the house...and no mom I will not look you in the eyes....

PS...this furry creature does this will come to the door and watch me through the glass....I would never hurt it....even if I could catch it....Mom is still working on the leave it and stay command