Thursday, July 25, 2013


So my Mom has been neglecting me....BAD.  I mean I have had no computer time, only walking one time a day (she says its for my benefit because its so hot...riiiiiight), and she spends 30 mins a day making flowers for my brother's wedding...that I am not attending!  
So here I am, looking for a someone to love me and shower me with all their attention.  I told my Mom I was going to run away.  I had my suitcase packed (you can't tell from my mom's bad phone pic...but its a scooby doo suitcase with my blankey and water bottle).
Here are a few of my needs.....
1)A couch for naps.  One is fine with me....I like to cuddle while napping and since I am so small, there is plenty of room.  Plus I am able to hold you down should there be an earthquake.
2)A fenced yard, because I have a severe hearing problem (selective hearing...the worse case people have ever seen).  I also can not see when I close my eyes....which I do very often when I am told something is a NO-NO.  If I can not see it, then I am not responsible for any actions that happen to said object.
3)A blanket...I just like to have it for security.  I also use it to hide my toys under....then I scrunch it so I can find my toy.   So wooden floors or carpets are really at your own risk.
4)A chef....I eat alot and I have allergies.  I do not beg from the table or anything....I like my own food. 

So as I was discussing my needs with my mom and informing her of my decision....I thought:
1)  Who will keep my Mom from getting cold at night....I mean if I did not sleep on top of her she would freeze to death.
2)  Who is going to make sure my Mom gets out and walks daily...I never see her walk without me (something about I don't give her an option?????)
3)  Who will chase other dogs and cats away....this is a one dog lady (again something about no option????)
This woman would not survive without it is my responsibility to stay with her...and suffer the neglect.  The sacrifices I make.
Its ok Momma....I will give you kisses and not leave poor helpless being.
PS  Thanks for the toys!