Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vets give BAD advice

So the dumbo, confused man who enjoys torture vet told my Mom I had gained 18lbs since my last visit (I mean who keeps up with that stuff???).  As I sat there saying, "you took my temp how? and YOU want to complain about me???", my Mom listened to why at 4 years old I should not gain that much weight from my last visit.  He advised that I DO NOT gain anymore weight, and maybe should go on a diet.
I mean look at me...I am nothing but skin and bones...I am trying to get Mom to send this pic to the old cuckooDR as proof that he needs new glasses and a new scale and proper animal doctoring etiquette.  I am convinced his education came from a mail in certificate...Mom swears he is the BEST (easy for her to say).
I mean take another look at me....I do not need to diet.  SKIN and BONES!

And did she tell him that she has not been taking me on walks and that she also gained weight...NOOOOO.  I tried to get her to express to him that I love exercise....and here is the proof....

Ok so this is what I do BEFORE I exercise...I mean you should be properly rested to get the most out of it.  I do hear the leash being guess it is time to walk!!!  Stay healthy my friends.  And remember...YOU ARE WHAT YOU I am going to eat a little lap dog! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I was not broken so why did I get "fixed"?

So I went to the vet...and behaved perfect...walked in weighed....and then everything got a little confusing.   My mom came and got me and I did not even have the legs to get up on the couch.  So I slept here...waking up occassionally to look for what was missing. 
Then Mom thought giving me a new toy would make everything better....I mean really???

I will just sleep on it....on the floor.  Mom was worried because I never stay on the floor.  No worries, bedtime came, and I got in the bed.  It has been two days and I am back to my normal couch laying, toy slinging, sloppy kisses self.  I still look for what is missing...but am assured they are in a better place :-).

To conclude on a happy note....Want to send a special thanks to Bailey, Hazel, and Greta of The Idaho PugRanch!   I love my pin!

Friday, October 4, 2013

My mommy is back to normal! Well normal for her.....

My big brother and his wife....after the wedding ceremony.   My mom says it was a good thing I did not go....the wedding party had tutus....and I would have chased me some fairies/ballerinas all over the church!!

So things are back to normal around dieting to get into a dress, no making flowers, no nothing!!  Just some good ole laying around and playing with me....and some extra toys for being a good boy!  I had my first overnight sitter....Mom says she hopes I did not scare him off, not sure what she meant but I know he slept for days after he left here!  So I am just watching the world go by and enjoying being the only child again.  

And blocking the door so my Momma can never leave again!