Friday, March 29, 2013

Cooking Day

I follow my Mom everywhere...if she is watching tv..I am there with her.  If she is on computer, my head is on her feet.  If she is in bed sleeping... I have my head on the pillow.  But on cooking day (she has to cook for me...I stay out of the kitchen!)  She is sooooo grouchy the whole 3 hours it takes her to cook.  Thats a long time for me to entertain myself.

This is the finished product.....thats my head making sure it was completed properly (she is not very domestic).   6 lbs of organic rice, 2 bags of organic chicken tenderloins, 2 16 oz steaks, 2 salmon fillets, peas, carrots, potatoes, cottage cheese, and yogurt.  I eat 2 times a day (vet recommended it because big boys get bloat...but I really chew all my food and take my time eating).  Last me a week...and then I have to suffer through her cooking again.
So I have been sitting here waiting patiently for you to entertain me....ARE YOU DONE YET? 

We are now ready for Easter and hope every one has a blessed weekend.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Possession is 9/10th of the Law

They will never know...they will never know....shhhh!  Almost there!

Yes!!! Mine Mine Mine.  It has a siren and a little dalmatian!  I love fire trucks.  Little four legged man will never know its missing.  Mom will think it just appeared out of nowhere.

No small humans were harmed in the making of this post....the lady had it out for a yard sale...told mom I could have it, little man had outgrown the ride along toy.  Don't know what any of that means except I got away with it....and it is MINE!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Please let warm weather come back.  I promise to stay in my yard and sniff. 
I swear I will not go get toys from the neighbors (truthfully though...I think they leave them out for me...why else would they be there...and who knew little 2 legged creatures could cry that much just because I borrowed their toy?). 
I promise not to get in the truck with the UPS Man (only because now he CLOSES his door when delivering packages to the toys maybe!!!!!).
I promise that I will lay on my own lounge and not get on Mom's (okay this is just in case she reads this...there is no way I am laying by myself!...and I need to protect her from the rays...she should be thankful).  Plus I do not like bees....and mom swoos them away.
Lastly, I will be the very best grass  and flower eater, bug digger, bird chaser, and bike barker there is!
PS (can you get the UPS man to leave the door open again?)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I got Fever

I had Spring Fever and now I have Cabin Fever...a really bad case of it.  I watched football reruns, March Madness, and some Project Runway and Real Housewives (don't lie you secretly watch Giggy too).  I can't stand it anymore....I want the sunshine and 70 degrees back. 

I am ready for The Dance though....lots of teams to cheer for.  Still don't understand why I don't get a scholarship.  Mom says it is because I have four legs...but that is discrimination.  No one, I mean, NO ONE is taking the ball from me.  I got SKILLS.  Maybe the NBA will come a better go practice. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nothing more exciting than watching golf

Nobody loves sports like me...or my mom.  I love to play football and basketball.  I get excited watching football...I sit in the recliner and can't wait until my team scores a TD....I get shots (peanutbutter and yogurt icecubes).  So when mom turns on the tv for the repeat of the golf tourny...I was all in....I mean when she plays Wii, golf seems fun.  Well her friend was on my couch...and about 5 minutes into it...we just couldn't contain the excitement any longer.  I thought something with Eagles and Birdies and a Tiger would keep my attention...but I did not see any of those. This pic also proves what I have been trying to tell Momma along...I am just a little fellow and do not take up much room so she can share the couch and bed with me. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Sorry I have not been keeping up with your or my blogs since I started....but I just do not like the cold weather.  I would rather lay on the couch, watch TV, and suck my thumb.  Since I can not suck my thumb and type...I chose to do what I do best....BE ME.